Holly has an amazing, heart-felt way of really hearing what her clients are saying — even when it’s not directly said with words. When I talk to Holly I feel so seen and taken care of. On the flip side, she can also gently push me when I need in overcoming some of my own bad habits. And this is exactly what I want from my coach; a person who makes me feel safe but can also guide me through hard personal growth. I would recommend Holly to anyone. She was born to be a coach!

Sharon Mor, Creative Entrepreneur & Spirited Life Coach

I had always been a bit hesitant to work with a life coach, but working with Holly changed me life for the better. Through her caring and insightful questions, I was able to see doors that stood before me that had been invisible before. Her guidance also allowed me to see into my personality in a way I hadn’t prior, which greatly assisted me in seeing where I was being hard on my self. Integrating the organized plan that came out of the session with Holly has truly been a beneficial tool in becoming the best person I can be. I will most definitely be working with Holly in the future!

Shanie Matthews, Co-founder at Mountain Rider’s Alliance

Holly has an innate ability to help you blossom as an individual, she is wonderful at guiding you on your path using various different techiques. Personally speaking I thoroughly enjoyed using art therapy which really helps bring out your creative side and lets you look at life in a very different way!

Shirley Palmer, Business Professional, Inspirer & Philanthropist

Holly has an enquiring mind which she uses to her best advantage continually learning new advances and techniques .She is insightful and helps individuals with areas of their life they want to change. I highly recommend Holly as a coach and all round great person to know and work with.

Greg Lowe, Learning and Development Consultant

“I had a 1 hour session through Skype with Holly and it was really helpful to organize my ideas and projects that I kept postponing indefinitely. I was able to “download” them from my head, to transform ideas in facts, and actually start doing things, and not just thinking about them. I still don´t know how my projects will turn out, but for sure, to have started moving towards my objectives feels a thousand times better than just thinking “what if…”. Just 1 hour, just “chatting”, just answering Holly´s questions about what I was saying, helped me change the focus and overcome my own limitations. Thank you!!”

Paula, Lawyer

“I used Holly Worton to coach me through the difficult life decision of which job offer to accept. Holly put things into perspective and helped me figure out what was most important to me in my future job. I found using Holly to coach me through this complicated decision as extremely useful and helpful and I would use her services again.”

Danielle, Occupational therapist