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3 Questions for Getting Unstuck and Motivated to Succeed

Are you struggling with procrastination? Is there something on your to-do list that you keep putting off? Having trained as a life coach, I often meet with clients who are struggling with motivation: there’s something they need to do, but they just can’t manage to get motivated enough to do it.

My first question is always: Is it something you really want to do, or is it something that you feel you should do? Most of us live in a world where it can be challenging to separate what we really want to do from the things we think that we should do. We fill our to-do list with things that we ought to do, or need to do, often without asking ourselves whether we really want to do them or not.

Does this sound familiar?

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How to create your yearly forecast for 2013

200ad1I’m still working on the final touches on my Create Your Incredible Year Business Edition, and I’ve still got quite a bit to do on my Life Edition. There’s a part in the Life Edition where you choose twelve oracle cards for 2013, one for each month. There’s a place to make note of the card’s title or meaning, and to add a little description underneath.

I don’t tend to use oracle cards very often, though I purchased two decks of them back in 2011 when I took my spiritual coaching course. Sometimes I forget I even have them. But when I use them, I always receive the precise message I need to hear, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time…it always does later.

The cards I pulled for 2013 were amazing. 

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Where am I going? Setting goals

I know you’ve had a lot to look at every day: vision board, affirmations, and your list of how you would live your life differently. What changes have you noticed in your life in the past few days or weeks? Be sure to make note of everything that has changed, as becoming aware of differences can help us pave the road for more changes.

Now it’s time to plan concrete actions to help you achieve the life of your dreams. Sound like a daunting task? It’s easy, when you break it down into steps. This is what we’ve spent weeks and months on: answering the Three Happiness Questions so that we can get clear on who we are, where we are in life, and start planning where we want to be headed for the future.

Ready? I’m seriously excited as I write this. I hope you are, too. Continue Reading →

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Where am I going? Thinking differently

I trust that you’ve been looking at both your vision board and your affirmations several times a day. What have you learned? How do you feel about your board? How do you feel when reading your affirmations? Has anything changed for you?

Today we’re going to look at how you might live your life differently if you were already all of the things you’ve been repeating as your affirmations. If you already were confident, if you already were flexible, if you already had what you needed to make your vision board come true…how would you live your life differently?

This is all about changing our ways of thinking and imagining a new way of living, using the vision board and the affirmations as a springboard for making our dreams become reality.

Get ready to start thinking differently so you can create the life of your dreams: Continue Reading →

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Where am I going? Affirmations

So you’ve been living with your vision board for a week now. Perhaps more or less, if you’re not completing these exercises exactly as they’ve been posted here.

Take a few minutes to reflect on your vision board and your relationship with it. What have you learned about your board since then? Does it feel familiar to you? Do you feel comfortable looking at it? Does it make more sense now than it did when you created it?

Today we’re going to work on creating affirmations based on our board. We’re going to look at the things that we would need to believe in order to be, do, or have the things represented on our vision board.

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