What Are Your Three Priorities?

Today’s blog challenge involves how to live life on your own terms. I believe that life is all about getting clear on priorities, and then planning our life around them. Rather than simply doing what other people think we should do, or possibly worse, simply drifting through life and experiencing whatever happens rather than making a conscious decision on what to do.

Which is why I love it when Natalie says: […]

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Where am I? Priorities

SO sorry about my extended absence. So, to recap: we’re onto the second happiness question: Where are you? Meaning, where are you in your life? In this area, you can clearly identify what’s right and what’s wrong for you: which things you like and which things don’t like, which things you want to keep and which things you want to change.

Sound good? Since we’re just about to start a new year, I thought it would be appropriate for us to take a stock at where we are in life.

So, take a look back at your Wheel of Life. If it’s been a couple of months since you filled out yours, download a fresh Wheel of Life and re-assess things. Remember, life changes, so it can be useful […]

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Mastering the to do list

Thanks to Dick for this amazing path photo.

So we’ve talked so far about New Year’s resolutions, time management, stress reduction, giving ourselves credit, and the three big questions to help us in setting priorities and goals. We’ve looked at the big picture, and then it all comes down to the day to day, which is often ruled by the to do list.

What are the things you do on a daily or weekly basis? Make note of them so you know what they are. I’ve refined my list to a few basic categories of things that I do on an almost daily basis: study/read, blog, exercise, emails, phone calls, errands. This is in addition to appointments and meetings that go into specific time slots in my schedule. I use my to do list for things I need to get done at any time throughout the day.


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Three good questions

Thanks to Cara for this beautiful path photo from Costa Rica. Click on the photo to check out her blog.

I mentioned these questions the other day, but I wanted to revisit them, because they apply not just to students and time management, but to everyone and every part of our lives. If you know who you are, where you are, and where you’re going, you’ll find a lot of clarity in life.

Who are you?

Have you ever stopped and thought about this? What are your interests? What are your priorities? What things or areas of your life are important to you?

Consider the following:

Health/wellness, exercise/gym, relationship with partner, personal growth and development, spirituality, religion, career development, studies, giving back/contribution to society, financial prosperity, savings, socialising/fun, friends, family, children, parents, entertainment, work, personal space, hobbies, sports, artistic expression, etc. Can you think of any additional areas? Please share them in the comments below.

Now choose your top eight or ten, and rank them in order, without much thought. Try to do the ranking as quickly as possible, without thinking. Take a moment to look over your list. Any surprises? Did this quick exercise help you see what things are important to you?


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