3 Questions for Getting Unstuck and Motivated to Succeed

Are you struggling with procrastination? Is there something on your to-do list that you keep putting off? Having trained as a life coach, I often meet with clients who are struggling with motivation: there’s something they need to do, but they just can’t manage to get motivated enough to do it.

My first question is always: Is it something you really want to do, or is it something that you feel you should do? Most of us live in a world where it can be challenging to separate what we really want to do from the things we think that we should do. We fill our to-do list with things that we ought to do, or need to do, often without asking ourselves whether we really […]

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Authentic Happiness

A HUGE thanks to all who participated in The Authentic Happiness Summit yesterday. It was absolutely amazing, truly beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed the day, and if you were there, I hope you did, too!

Stay tuned in the next days, as I am planning regular posts with activities for you to do at home, based on my talk yesterday.

If you weren’t there yesterday, here’s a preview:

So often I meet people who are feeling stuck in life: they know something isn’t right, but they don’t even know what’s wrong. They want to make changes, but they don’t know what changes to make or where to start. I know what it’s like: I’ve been there and I’ve felt that. I want to help people find their […]

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The Fabulous Blooming You

Hello all! I’d like to invite you to this exciting new event that I’ve been planning along with Adrienne Marks from The Awareness Zone (don’t you love the sound of that?). Adrienne is an experienced personal development coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, and Hypnosis practitioner. I’m so excited about running this one-day event with her on October 1st of this year. I look forward to seeing you there!

The Fabulous Blooming You

Connect with the real you and discover your truth

Are you stuck?
Are you struggling?
Is life not quite what you expected?
At a crossroads?
Feeling lost?
No time for yourself?
Feeling adrift?

Imagine, in just one day you can learn how to get unstuck and move forward to the life you dream of.

You will:

Get a clear understanding on what’s important to you in life.
Find out exactly what you want […]

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Give yourself credit

At the end of my previous time management post, I reminded you to congratulate yourself on the things you do well. Time management, or better yet, priority management, is a skill that requires practice, and we may not succeed in accomplishing all of our tasks in the beginning. So it’s important that we give ourselves credit for the things that do get done.

Again, the important thing is to set priorities and work on the high priority tasks first. That way, you finish the tasks that are most important to you. I have a few basic tasks that recur on a regular (almost daily for some) basis that are important to me, and to help myself realize exactly what I’m getting done, I have a very simple motivation system that you actually might find a little amusing. It works for me, because it helps me quickly see that I’m working on the important things.


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