Stretch out of your routine and get green

Good planets are hard to find. If we destroy ours, we’ll be left without a home. So what’s your environmental wellness rating?

Are you aware of the limits of the planet’s natural resources? Are you taking steps in your life to decrease your use of these resources? Do you conserve energy? Recycle? Reuse things whenever possible? Do you take conscious steps to conserve energy and water?

We used to think it was enough to just reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now we know that additional steps must be taken to ensure our home on this planet. I’d like to help you find new ways of doing things to stretch out of your routine and increase your environmental wellness.

The more information we have, the easier it is for us to know how to act responsibly in our daily lives. Without sufficient information, we may not even know certain issues exist, let alone know how to take action. We’re a big fan of documentaries in our home, and I’d like to suggest you take a look at some of the following films.

If you think you don’t have time to add documentaries into your life, stop and think about how many hours of television you watch a week. How many movies do you watch at home each week? If you replace just two hours of television or one of those movies each week, you can learn a great deal about environmental issues all around our planet: things that affect our lives as inhabitants of planet Earth.

After you watch each film, take some time to think about how you can change your lifestyle and current habits to improve the environment. If you watch the documentary with friends or family, discuss the issue amongst yourselves to brainstorm ideas.

Check out this list of environmentally conscious documentaries and books:


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