Where am I going? Be/Do/Have

So you’ve taken a look at your dreams. Now, I’d like you to revisit your dreams for the future, but this time using a completely different technique: be/do/have. You may already be familiar with this concept: I know I’ve come across it at least a couple of times. And this is the perfect stage in the Ready to Bloom process to focus on this.

If you knew you could be anything you wanted, if you knew you could do anything you dreamed of, and if you knew you could have anything you wished for…what would you be? What would you do? What would you have?

It’s important that you really open up your mind to these possibilities. Some people have issues with feeling that they don’t deserve something. Or they may think something is logically impossible.

Forget logic. Just dream.


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Where am I going? Taking a look at dreams

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Note: I’ve moved this post from Q1 to Q3, as it’s more of a forward-facing question than a look at who you actually are, and I’ve updated it a bit. It’s been replaced with an exercise on how to create your personal mission statement. If you’ve already completed this exercise, take a look at it again and make any changes that occur to you. 

You’ve heard me talk about day dreaming rather than goal setting, and you’ve heard me talk about Someday Isle. So you might be surprised that I’m about to ask you to start dreaming. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re still getting to know ourselves, so let’s just explore for now. Be creative. Get to know yourself. You can always turn them into goals at a later date.

What are your dreams? […]

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6 Quick guidelines for goal setting

Still stuck on Someday Isle? Do you want to get serious about transforming your dreams into goals, but don’t know where to get started?

Remember: a dream is a goal without a deadline. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve realized I need to make a major change and just kept putting it off until I sat down and set a clear, reasonable, achievable deadline to what I wanted to do. And not until then did that dream of a change actually become a part of my everyday thoughts and plans, as I worked toward achieving that goal and making the change I wanted so badly in my life.

Does this sound familiar to you?

First off, choose one of your goals and write […]

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Escape from Someday Isle

I was watching a Brian Tracy video last weekend, where he talked about how so many people live on Someday Isle. You’ve heard this before, haven’t you?

“Someday I’ll lose weight.”

“Someday I’ll take that trip around the world.”

“Someday I’ll have a house of my own.”

Have you ever heard yourself saying anything like this? Someday Isle is where all of our dreams live, all the things we want to do someday…unfortunately for most of us, that day never comes. Why? Because they’re dreams, not goals.

Do you know the difference between a dream and a goal?

A dream is a goal without a time limit. Do you have goals or do you have dreams? If you have dreams and not goals, you may be stuck on Someday Isle. Take […]

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