[SHP 2] How to Be a Multipassionate Entrepreneur, With Candace N’Diaye

Today’s Guest
I had the pleasure of meeting today’s guest on Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy earlier this year. When I first entered the forums and started browsing through the threads, Candace N’Diaye (that’s pronounced “Jai” which rhymes with “eye”) was one person who stood out. The business and marketing tips she left in her comments were really, really useful. She got to the core of the issue that people were having, and it was clear that she truly cared about helping people.

Candace is a multipassionate artist, branding consultant & coach, committed to helping you create your own path & share your expression with the world through your business.  Her wish for you is to be in a permanent state of glow.  She is currently in the process of developing her signature program, so be sure to follow her (links at the bottom) so you’re the first to know when it’s available.

Now, if you’ve always suffered with the old adage “NICHE OR PERISH,” you’re going to love Candace. She truly embraces the concept that not everyone is meant to be running a niche business…and she helps people make it happen. In this podcast, she’ll explain how multipassionates can develop more than one of their passions, and she also shares the secret ingredient to making this work.

(Wait, “NICHE OR PERISH” isn’t actually a saying? Because sometimes it feels like it is. Before I even started training as a coach a couple of years ago, I knew that I absolutely had to niche, because that’s what everyone told me…and thus began my long, frustrating journey to finding mine.)

What You’ll Learn […]

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What’s Your Definition of Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life?

I love today’s prompt for The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge. Everyone has their own definition of freedom, and each person has a different level of adventure that appeals to them.

My previous company was in the hospitality industry, and it was very, very different from what I’m doing now. It was a massive learning experience, and took me way out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. I’m so grateful for the experience, and for all the wonderful people I worked with over the years.

Now, however, I want a totally different kind of business.

To me, freedom in business means: […]

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Join Natalie Sisson’s 30 Day Blog Challenge

Are you struggling with blogging? Are you stuck selling time for money, when what you really want is a successful online business? Sign up now for Natalie Sisson’s 30 Day Blog Challenge and start taking steps toward the business of your dreams. Natalie is all about creating freedom in business and adventure in life.

And by the way, Natalie is my business coach and mentor and I highly recommend her. Since last year, I’d been looking for a business coach that specializes in online businesses, because so many of them seem to be focused on location-dependent businesses. Natalie is just what I needed.

Now, what she does is a bit different from what I’m after: Natalie travels the world, living out of a suitcase (hence, her business name). While I’m not up for a lifestyle of constant travel, I do tend to move countries every few years. So it’s important for me to have a business that lets me work from anywhere in the world (as long as I have a great internet connection). I wanted to clarify this because you may not be drawn to dumping all of your possessions and living out of a suitcase.

So what’s this blog challenge all about? […]

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Social Media at Holistic Hub Business Networking Group

Hello all! I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be speaking at two events this month that are run by the Holistic Hub, which is a networking group for holistic business owners. If you’re based in London or Surrey, this might be a great networking group for you to join.

Holistic Hub’s monthly networking event brings together […]

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What Are Your Healthy Business Habits?

So this is kind of old news, but I wanted to highlight this on my blog just in case you didn’t come across the Socially Holistic business habits page here on my website or the mention on my Facebook page.

I am a huge fan of Leonie Dawson and her  Create Your Incredible Year 2013 business and life planners, and one of the sections in the business planner involves creating a list of your healthy business habits. I struggled with this for a long time, and sketched out a couple of partial lists that I wasn’t really happy with, until one day I was struck with the inspiration to revisit the list. […]

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How dare you…?

I hesitated before sitting down to write this post…but how dare I not write this?

How dare I not share with you a concept that I received a couple of years ago from a wonderful coach that totally changed my perspective on how I was marketing my business? How dare I not say this to you, for fear that you might find this too audacious, or perhaps even too aggressive? How dare I not share this, when it’s something that helped shift things in my own mind and in my own business? […]

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Easy tips to achieve work-life balance

Thanks to Mariángeles for this path photo from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Work-life balance is one of the most talked about issues these days, though I’ve always thought that was something of a misnomer: after all, isn’t work actually a part of our lives? I evaluate balance in my life by reviewing the nine areas of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, professional, social, spiritual, and sexual. So, while I’d like to address the issue of “work-life” balance, I’ll be calling it professional wellness.

How do you rate your professional wellness, on a scale of 1 to 10? What would need to happen to make it a 10? What would a 10 look like to you? If your professional life were perfect, how would you feel?


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Relaxation for Business Success

Hello all! Yesterday I mentioned getting agile with our social and professional lives: trying new activities and networking events. If you live in London or the Richmond area, here’s a great activity to start out with. It sounds amazing. Enjoy!

What does relaxation have to do with running your business?


 The benefits of relaxation to you and your business are huge.  Relaxation has been proven to lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve energy levels and give an overall sense of wellbeing.  It means you’ll be healthier, work more productively, and be able to cope with the busy pace of business life a lot better.

But do you know how to relax effectively?  This practical workshop will show you:

How not learning to relax could seriously damage your […]

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10 MORE steps to improve time management and reduce stress

Thanks so much to the people at for choosing my previous post on this topic for Freshly Pressed! And a huge thanks to everyone who visited and left comments. I found a lot of great tips in there, and since I’m not sure whether everyone went through and read the comments, I wanted to share some here.

1. Listen to music or  nature sounds

This is an excellent suggestion, and one I often do! Having some kind of background music or white noise on headphones can help drown out distraction in your environment. Either load your background music onto your computer, and listen with headphones, or just use your iPod. Different people have different preferences: if songs you’re familiar with distract you, try listening to nature sounds, music without lyrics, or music in another language that you don’t understand.

Michael suggests Naturespace sounds. Check out their website. They look amazing. These or any other nature sounds are excellent distraction busters. And Rtcrita uses background music to reduce stress while working. When it’s time for a break, she’ll turn it up to add a little exercise and dance into her schedule. That’s another great stress reducer! It’s important to get moving during breaks.


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