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Easy tips to achieve work-life balance

Thanks to Mariángeles for this path photo from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Work-life balance is one of the most talked about issues these days, though I’ve always thought that was something of a misnomer: after all, isn’t work actually a part of our lives? I evaluate balance in my life by reviewing the nine areas of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, professional, social, spiritual, and sexual. So, while I’d like to address the issue of “work-life” balance, I’ll be calling it professional wellness.

How do you rate your professional wellness, on a scale of 1 to 10? What would need to happen to make it a 10? What would a 10 look like to you? If your professional life were perfect, how would you feel?

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Relaxation for Business Success

Hello all! Yesterday I mentioned getting agile with our social and professional lives: trying new activities and networking events. If you live in London or the Richmond area, here’s a great activity to start out with. It sounds amazing. Enjoy!

What does relaxation have to do with running your business?


 The benefits of relaxation to you and your business are huge.  Relaxation has been proven to lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve energy levels and give an overall sense of wellbeing.  It means you’ll be healthier, work more productively, and be able to cope with the busy pace of business life a lot better.

But do you know how to relax effectively?  This practical workshop will show you:

  • How not learning to relax could seriously damage your health
  • The top 3 mistakes people make when trying to relax
  • Different relaxation exercises you can fit into your day easily

Please wear comfortable clothes and feel free to bring a yoga mat, or something similar.

When: 27th April, 8pm to 10pm

Where: The Dysart Arms, Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 7AA. 

Price: £12.75 when booked in advance or £18 on the door 

Please note that this is a women-only event, as it is one of Kingston & Richmond Women’s Network’s meetings.

To book go to: www.kingstonwomensnetwork.co.uk

For more information, contact Anne Williams on 0208 546 2122 or e-mail anne@transforming-health.co.uk

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10 MORE steps to improve time management and reduce stress

Thanks so much to the people at WordPress.com for choosing my previous post on this topic for Freshly Pressed! And a huge thanks to everyone who visited and left comments. I found a lot of great tips in there, and since I’m not sure whether everyone went through and read the comments, I wanted to share some here.

1. Listen to music or  nature sounds

This is an excellent suggestion, and one I often do! Having some kind of background music or white noise on headphones can help drown out distraction in your environment. Either load your background music onto your computer, and listen with headphones, or just use your iPod. Different people have different preferences: if songs you’re familiar with distract you, try listening to nature sounds, music without lyrics, or music in another language that you don’t understand.

Michael suggests Naturespace sounds. Check out their website. They look amazing. These or any other nature sounds are excellent distraction busters. And Rtcrita uses background music to reduce stress while working. When it’s time for a break, she’ll turn it up to add a little exercise and dance into her schedule. That’s another great stress reducer! It’s important to get moving during breaks.

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