Where am I going? Make it a 10

How are you feeling after the clearing exercise? If you still have things on your list, continue to work on them. Some things take time.

In the exercises for the Where am I? section, you completed your Wheel of Life, and you identified your priorities and your top three areas to improve. If it’s been a while since you finished these exercises, go back and do them again. Perhaps it’s been more than a couple of months, or maybe you just feel like things have changed a lot since you did them and your current life no longer coincides with your responses. Either way, it can be useful to update your answers.

Take a look at your Wheel of Life. Assuming each area isn’t a 10, think about whether or not you actually want each area to be a 10. Perhaps a 5 for Social Life is good enough for you, and you really don’t need that area to be more than that. You already have your priorities numbered outside the wheel, along the border. These numbers may help you determine your ideal level for each area.

  1. Write the number that represents your ideal state within each section.
  2. Get out your journal or notebook and get ready to brainstorm. What changes could you make in your life to improve the rankings in each of these areas? Create a separate list for each of these eight areas, and write down all of the things you could do differently in your life that might improve your ranking. Keep writing until you can’t think of anything more.
  3. Take a break from your list, and come back to it later: either later on in the day or on another day. Ask yourself what ELSE could you do to improve each of these three areas of your life. Expand on your list. If you find it difficult to think of anything more, challenge yourself to add three more things to each of the eight lists (that’s 24 new things!).
  4. Once a week, until we reach the goal-setting exercise, challenge yourself to add at least one new thing you can do to improve each of the eight areas. At the moment, we won’t be taking action on these ideas…unless you feel particularly inspired to. We’ll be looking at clear ways to set achievable goals later on.

What did you learn from this exercise? Did you find it challenging to come up with ideas to improve each area? Which areas were easier than others for you?

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