Ready to Bloom will be two years old next January, and it’s gone through a lot of changes along the way. It started out when I began my journey in coaching and NLP, and it gradually evolved into what it is today: a 30 day program to work toward authentic happiness. Most of my original posts focus on time management, primarily because one of my very first posts was picked up by Freshly Pressed and received an amazing amount of visits in just 24 hours. That post continues to be my top article to this day, with almost 7,500 views…even after changing the domain this year, meaning that the entire blog had to be re-indexed. I was fairly obsessed with time management at that time, and I continued to hone my techniques for prioritizing tasks and getting things done, sharing my experiences and tips here on this blog.

And then I focused on wellness or wellbeing, and what I saw as the nine aspects of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, professional, social, spiritual, and sexual. You’ll still find that some of my blog posts are classified under one or more of these wellness categories.

I also focused on agility, or life yoga, providing simple techniques for stretching out of your comfort zone into a new life. I gave a taster workshop on the idea of life yoga, and published a number of posts here on the concept. Many of these exercises evolved into what was to come next.

In September of 2011, I was one of nine speakers at The Authentic Happiness Summit in London. My speech revolved around what I call The Three Happiness Questions: Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going? And shortly after my talk, I began to focus my blog posts around specific exercises designed to help you get clear on your answers to each one of The Three Happiness Questions. I’ve currently completed the full exercises for the first two questions, and I’m now working on the exercises for the third and final question.

Once the Ready to Bloom 30 day program has been introduced in its entirety here on this blog, I’ll be expanding each exercise into a full book, due to be released in 2013. And that’s the evolution of Ready to Bloom. Just wanted to keep you all up to date on the plans. Many thanks for sticking with me throughout this time, through my spurts of creativity and through my dry spells. And for those of you who just discovered this blog, welcome!

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