Where am I? Top 3 Areas to Improve

It’s time to take a look at your Wheel of Life once again. If it’s been a couple of months since you filled out yours, download a fresh Wheel of Life and re-assess things. Remember, life changes, so it can be very useful to do this exercise a few times a year. Next, re-assess your priorities. Again, if it’s been a while, do this exercise all over again. Life changes (I will never tire of saying that), and our priorities change.

The “Where am I?” question is all about where you are in your life, at this time, in this present moment. That means that your answers to “Where am I?” will change on a regular basis…even from day to day. That doesn’t mean you have to do the “Where am I?” exercises on a daily basis, however it can be helpful to do them once a month or every few months. You’ll be able to feel what frequency is right for you.

The Wheel of Life looks at very important aspects of life: career, finance, personal growth, health/wellness, family, spirituality/religion, social life, attitude, self expression, etc. You choose which eight areas will go on your wheel of life. The priorities exercise will help you get clear on which of these eight areas are most important to you. The next step is to focus on the top three areas.

In the example I shared in a previous post, the person ranked spirituality/religion, personal grown, and family as their top three priorities. Highlight your top three priorities on your Wheel of Life and take some time to reflect.

Look at how you ranked these three areas on your Wheel of Life. How are these top three areas ranked on a scale of 1 to 10?

How do you feel about these rankings? Do these numbers make you feel frustrated, uncomfortable, depressed, satisfied, unfulfilled, content? Note what feelings are stirred up by looking at how you rated each of these top three areas. Write them down, as it may help you clarify your sensations.

Assuming that your rankings were below a 10 in each area, how would you like each area to be ranked? A 10? Something else? What changes you could make in your life to improve these rankings? Create a separate list for each of these top three areas, and write down all of the things you could do differently in your life that might improve your ranking. Keep writing until you can’t think of anything more.

Take a break from your list, and come back to it later: either later on in the day or on another day. Ask yourself what ELSE could you do to improve each of these three areas of your life. Expand on your list. If you find it difficult to think of anything more, challenge yourself to add three more things to each of the three lists.

Now read through these three lists. Decide which of these life-changing actions you will actually take. Set yourself a deadline for completing each one…then get started!

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