Where am I? Priorities

SO sorry about my extended absence. So, to recap: we’re onto the second happiness question: Where are you? Meaning, where are you in your life? In this area, you can clearly identify what’s right and what’s wrong for you: which things you like and which things don’t like, which things you want to keep and which things you want to change.

Sound good? Since we’re just about to start a new year, I thought it would be appropriate for us to take a stock at where we are in life.

  1. So, take a look back at your Wheel of Life. If it’s been a couple of months since you filled out yours, download a fresh Wheel of Life and re-assess things. Remember, life changes, so it can be useful to do this exercise a few times a year.
  2. Think about which areas are your priorities. Take a separate sheet of paper and rank them in order, from 1 to 8, since there are eight categories. One is your top priority, and 8 is your lowest. Try to do this as quickly as possible, without over-analysing too much.
  3. Write your rankings around the edge of your wheel, as shown in the above picture.
  4. Next, think about how you actually live your life. If Spirituality & Religion is your #1 priority, as in the example above, do you really place that area as your top importance? Do your actions show that Spirituality & Religion is your to priority? If close friends or relatives were asked which of the above eight areas were your top priority, would they get the answer correct?
  5. Get out a different coloured pen and mark what your REAL priorities are, meaning which areas you actually place priority on in your life. Maybe you put your work before your family? That should be reflected in your “real” priorities. Write your new rankings down along the edge of your wheel, in the different colour.
  6. How do you feel now that you look at how you actually live your life? Does it feel like it’s time to start making changes, and actually put your top priorities in their places? Think about what changes you could make.

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