Who am I? Taking a look at what you wish for others

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It’s probably safe to assume that you want the best for your friends and family and loved ones. Have you ever thought about what you wish for them in life? If you could make a wish that all of your loved ones in life could achieve something special, what would it be?

  1. Print out this list so you can add it to your notebook or journal.
  2. Check all of the following wishes that resonate with you.
  3. If you feel anything is missing, add it t0 the bottom of the list. This is by no means a comprehensive list. It’s just to help you get your ideas flowing.
  4. Next, review the list of wishes that you just selected, and choose your top 5 wishes. You may find this part challenging, but you can do it.
  5. Then, review the list of five wishes, and choose your top 2 wishes.
  6. Finally, choose which of those two is your number one wish.

So, back to the main question: what do you wish for everyone in your life?

Maybe it’s that they:

  • Find authentic happiness.
  • Learn to forgive and forget.
  • Achieve true work/life balance.
  • Shatter limiting beliefs.
  • Overcome their deepest fears.
  • Discover their true potential.
  • Break through passive suffering.
  • Develop lasting self confidence.
  • Achieve financial freedom.
  • Overcome attachment to material objects and people.
  • Master time management.
  • Rid their lives of clutter, both physically and emotionally.
  • Feel free.
  • Live in the zone.
  • Quiet their mind chatter.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Find their own means of creative self expression.
  • Learn to take responsibility for their lives.
  • Achieve true presence.
  • Get over their perfectionism.
  • Quiet the negative voices in their heads.
  • Find their life purpose, passion, or calling in life. And that they’re able to live it.

Were you surprised by any of the wishes that you chose? How do these wishes coincide with how you’re currently living your life? How do these wishes coincide with how you live your current relationships?

Write it all down in your journal or notebook.

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