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Improve your wellness through helping others

Thanks to Rebecca for this gorgeous path photo! Click on the path to visit her blog.

One of the things I mentioned the other day when I was discussing the nine areas of wellness was that I considered giving back in the form of volunteering to be a part of social wellness. Volunteering, of course, involves donating our time to help out in the community. As we all know, some people have more time than money, and others have more money than time. Though most of us probably feel like we don’t have enough time anyway.

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Which 3 areas of wellness do you want to work on the most?

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How do you define wellness?

Thanks to Julia for this beautiful path photo from gardens in Luxembourg. Click on the photo to visit her blog (in Spanish).

Do you see it as a mind/body/spirit kind of thing, or do you have an even more holistic perspective? How would you rate your current state of overall wellness, on a scale of 1 to 10?

I’ve been thinking of wellness on an even broader level lately, taking into consideration nine different areas when evaluating my own personal wellness to get a good perspective of how I’m doing.

Check out these nine areas and see how you’re doing in your life.

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Thanks to Shanie for this beautiful path photo! Click on the photo to visit her site.

Stop right now and think about it. Can you remember? When was it? Did you enjoy that experience? Did you learn from it?

How do you feel when you do things for the first time? Do you enjoy it? Do you find it exciting? Is that something you’d like to do more of?

Would you like to have more “firsts” in your life? Would you be willing to pledge to do more “firsts” in life? How many “firsts” would you like to experience each year? Each month? Each week? Each day?

How would you feel if you were trying new things on a regular basis?

Think about how you can add more “first time” experiences to your life. Which of the following areas of your life provide you with opportunities for trying new things? Can you think of other areas you can add some “firsts” to?

  • Work/professional
  • Social
  • Spirituality/religion
  • Exercise/body
  • Intellectual/mental
  • Environmental
  • Financial

Still stuck?

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How to manage time with a home business…and children

Thanks to Joel for this lovely path photo.

I recently received the following question: “I would love to hear more about how, as a work-at-home mom and blogger, I can manage my time, be more productive and most importantly set and achieve goals with 3 kids and a home business….and still have 3 kids who don’t feel like they’re the side dish.”

Great question! Let’s see…I’m going to revert back a bit to something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. What are your priorities? What things or areas of your life are important to you? You mentioned your blog, your children, your home business (is that the same as your blog?). What other priorities do you have? Think of your top eight priorities.

Consider the following: health/wellness, exercise/gym, relationship with partner, personal growth and development, spirituality, religion, career development, studies, giving back/contribution to society, financial prosperity, savings, socialising/fun, friends, family, children, parents, entertainment, work, personal space, hobbies, sports, artistic expression, etc.

Now take that list of eight priorities, and rank them in order, without much thought. Try to do the ranking as quickly as possible, without analysing things too much. Did this exercise help you see what things are most important to you?

Avoid judging your answers. Your priorities are your priorities. There are no shoulds. Maybe you think that a certain area should be at the #1 spot, and you put it at #4. That’s fine.

When planning each day, organise your time with these priorities in mind. If your children are your top priority, schedule them in first, and then work other things around their time. If your blog or home business is first, then schedule other activities around that.

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